Totally Free Features

  No Reservations

You can hold a conference whenever you want.

  No Time Limits

Hold a conference for as long you like.

  All Digital Lines

Digital lines provide better conference quality.

  1 Number & 1 Conference ID

One dial in number & one conference ID to remember.

  Echo Canceler

We stop echoes before they happen.

  Full Web Control

Manage conferences via web admin interface.

  Call Recording

Record conferences for playback or download.

  Scheduled Replays

Schedule pre-recorded calls to play anytime in the future. This feature is unlimited so you can schedule as many calls ahead of time to play.

  Active Talker

See which callers are currently talking.

  Presentation Mode

Auto mute all callers but moderators.

  Caller ID

View callers by their number and name.

  Q & A Mode

Allows callers to unmute themselves to ask a question.

  Unlimited Conferences

There is no limit to the number of conferences you can have.

  Free Call Detail Reports

Get a reports of all your conferences.

  100% Free!

There is no cost for our service. Only pay for standard long distance fees.

  Mobile Friendly

Start a conference from your mobile phone or tablet!

  Up to 500 Participants Per Call

Need more than 500 participants to join in? Contact us for options. We can accommodate up to 10,000 participants on a single call!

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There are never fees associated with your totally free conference line.
Long distance charges may apply depending on your LD provider.

Enhanced Services

  Personalized Call Greeting

Upgrade to our Personalized Greeting service and when your participants call into your own private phone number, they’ll be greeted with your personalized introduction message.

Add Custom Greeting

  Customized Free Conference Call Website

Offer Totally Free Conference Calling for your clients & agents as a value add to use with their own participants. We’ll create a site like this just for you with your own logo, colors and branding so you can offer this service too.

Details & Pricing

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Brian Thayer

I can depend on Totally Free Conference Calls

Bryan Thayer, CEO -

We absolutely love using Totally Free Conference Calling! We're telling everyone in our business to use it.

No, There's Really No Catch!

Totally Free Conference Calls is always free… no catch what-so-ever! We offer enhanced services for a small upgrade fee and we encourage you to use our partner services. That’s it! Please contact us if you’re interested in being a partner.

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